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Insulating Cantilevers On A New Home - Orangeburg, NY

Dr. Energy Saver of Hudson Valley was contacted to help seal the thermal envelope of this new construction. The reason we were contacted was due to many of our previous projects and our ability to deliver on the reduction of energy loss, which in tern led to relatively low costs for the owner, as well the construction company that built the home. 

Insulating An Attic With Cellulose - Blauvelt, NY

This home was in dyer need of insulation. As you can see they had no/little insulation to begin with and because of this they noticed ungodly diffrences during the summer and winter months both in comfort and their bills. Because of this they contacted Dr. Energy Saver of Hudson Valley to have us come and evaluate their home and reccomend solutions to help them and their home. We ultimately ended up installing blow in cellulose in their attic to keep them comfortable as they felt more comfortable going this route then applying spray foam insualtion. They now have a home that they never want to leave due to this small upgrade. 

Insulating & Air Sealing An Attic - West Nyack, NY

Having an insulated attic is beneficial and important in itself. It is even more important to install this insulation when you have ductwork up in your attic. Hot and cold air runs through these ducts and if exposed, unwanted warm or cool air from your attic will find its way in. Along with the insulation of the attic, these ducts are air sealed around the bottom so no air pockets are formed. Insulation and air sealing in your attic will help your home contain the heat or cold air it’s producing so you save on money and energy. 

Exterior wall Insulation in Monroe, New York

This homeowners kitchen pipes were freezing due to inadequate insulation in walls. By installing Open Cell Spray Foam Insualtion the freezing pipes are no longer a problem for this homeowner. This also makes a more effiecent and comfortable kitchen. 

Spray Foam Application in a Nyack, NY Attic

This Nyack New York homeowner wanted the thermal envelope of his home insulated properly. He had Dr. Energy Saver of the Hudson Valley spray foam his roof slopes and walls.

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