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Dr. Energy Saver of Hudson Valley Case Studies: Making this Milord, Pennsylvania Home Air-Tight with Spray Foam Insulation

Thursday, March 27th, 2014 by Benjamin Wisher


We first received a call from this homeowner who was frustrated with high heating bills this winter. She asked if one of our Energy Consultants could come assess her home's energy efficiency. 

Upon arrival, our Energy Consultant assessed the home and found it was leaking heat through the walls. Upon further inspection, he found that these walls only had fiber glass insulation in them. This type of insulation is outdated and often does not provide an air tight seal.

The challenge was to make these walls air tight and create a more energy efficient home for this Pennsylvania family to live in. 


Our Energy Consultant was happy to recommend our most prized product - Spray Foam Insulation. Spray foam is an interesting product that is applied as a liquid and expands into a solid. Its expansive properties allow it to fill all the nooks and crevices that typical fiber glass insulation will leave open to air leaks. 

Our energy consultant informed the homeowner of the proper insulating solution and she was quick to take  a liking to the spray foam installation. Our office staff and the homeowner coordinated a date for when the production crew could install the spray foam insulation.

Mike Schnitzer, our lead spray foam applicator, was called upon to apply the insulation and make this home more energy efficient. Mike did a great job applying the spray foam and cleaned up superbly. 

This family is now able to enjoy living in their home at a comfortable temperature without emptying their wallets to oil companies. Dr. Energy Saver was thrilled to be able to help this family.

Project Summary

Salesman: Jay Storti

Office Coordinator: Tracey Rankin

Spray Foam Applicator: Mike Schnitzer

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