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Lupio Amezquito

Dr. Energy Saver of Hudson Valley

Title: System Installation Specialist

Hometown: Middletown, New York

Lupio Amezquito from Dr. Energy Saver of Hudson Valley

Lupio is recognized for having the best attitude in the company. At any point, you can find him with a smile on his face enjoying every moment of every day. He provides joy to everyone in the company and has truly become a friend to many.

Besides being an excellent person, Lupio is a highly skilled craftsman. He has been working for the Dr. Energy Saver team since its creation and is quickly learning new techniques to provide better service to homeowners. 

In his free time, Lupio enjoys listening to music and watching sports.

from customers I've helped!
  • "Fantastic!! I am very impressed and satisfied with your company." Read Full Testimonial

    Mary C. of Pearl River, NY

    Customer Testimonial

              Your estimator was fantastic, very informative and knowledgeable. I am very impressed with work of the installation crew and they were extremely courteous. They had to remove so much nonsense such as chicken wire cardboard but there was no complaints. They did an excellent job and the clean up couldn't have been better. I appreciate all they did for me. I called several of your references and was pleasantly surprised by all their positive comments.
    Mary C.
    Pearl River, NY
  • "What more can I say, I am completely sold on this company." Read Full Testimonial

    Andrew K. of Middletown, NY

    Customer Testimonial

              I've hired Dr. Energy Saver of Hudson Valley to do many jobs for me over the past 4 years. One of the very few subcontractors I can rely on. They've always been good with scheduling, their crews seem to be proud of the product and do a good job with little supervision. I cannot say enough good things about about their service. My mother has an old uninsulated house in Queens , the attic was sprayed last year and she has seen a significant difference in heating and cooling costs as well as comfort. Some client friends sprayed the attic of their veterinary hospital two years ago, the attic has leaky forced air ductwork in it. Prior to the foam they could not cool the building in the summer and they were consuming enormous amounts of fuel oil in the winter. I think they cut their heating costs roughly 75% . Likely not typical but illustrates how effective it is. Last winter I had my own attic sprayed with 10" for finished living space, and the rooms are comfortable with no heat other than what migrates up from downstairs. My way of looking at spraying an attic is like wearing a hat in the winter and it helps in the summer as well. What more can I say, I am completely sold on this company.
    Andrew K.
    Middletown, NY

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