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Nick Hockler

Dr. Energy Saver of Hudson Valley

Title: Certified Energy Specialist

Hometown: Gardiner, NY

Nick Hockler from Dr. Energy Saver of Hudson Valley

Nick's job as a Dr. Energy Saver Certified Energy Management Consultant, or "Doctor," is to thoroughly diagnose where your house uses and loses energy and wastes money. He then communicates this to you and educates you on your energy-saving priorities. Nick creates solutions so you can start saving energy and money right away.

Nick has been thoroughly trained and has earned the highly esteemed title "Certified Energy Management Consultant" through the Dr. Energy Saver National Contractor Network.


Before joining Dr. Energy Saver, Nick has had over thirty five years of construction experience. Nick has provided overall management of pre-construction and construction efforts, including drafting, design work, client contact, budgeting, project evaluation, estimations, subcontract selection and contract negotiations.

Nick holds a New York State Real Estate Broker's License. 

Dr. Energy Saver is a network of the best energy conservation contractors in the world, who have exclusive access to unique products, comprehensive training and support through the national company.

Customer Reviews
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  • By Dr. M.
    Garrison, NY

    "Very pleased!"

    Customer Review

    By Dr. M.
    Garrison, NY

    Very pleased!

from customers I've helped!
  • "What more can I say, I am completely sold on this company." Read Full Testimonial

    Andrew K. of Middletown, NY

    Customer Testimonial

              I've hired Dr. Energy Saver of Hudson Valley to do many jobs for me over the past 4 years. One of the very few subcontractors I can rely on. They've always been good with scheduling, their crews seem to be proud of the product and do a good job with little supervision. I cannot say enough good things about about their service. My mother has an old uninsulated house in Queens , the attic was sprayed last year and she has seen a significant difference in heating and cooling costs as well as comfort. Some client friends sprayed the attic of their veterinary hospital two years ago, the attic has leaky forced air ductwork in it. Prior to the foam they could not cool the building in the summer and they were consuming enormous amounts of fuel oil in the winter. I think they cut their heating costs roughly 75% . Likely not typical but illustrates how effective it is. Last winter I had my own attic sprayed with 10" for finished living space, and the rooms are comfortable with no heat other than what migrates up from downstairs. My way of looking at spraying an attic is like wearing a hat in the winter and it helps in the summer as well. What more can I say, I am completely sold on this company.
    Andrew K.
    Middletown, NY
  • "I had Jeff and his son over on Friday, just want to let you know what an excellent team they were, very..." Read Full Testimonial

    Frank A. of Walkill, NY

    Customer Testimonial

              I had Jeff and his son over on Friday, just want to let you know what an excellent team they were, very professional and cleanup was perfect, like they were never there. I would like for you to refer this message to "higher ups," I am very pleased with the work done.
    Frank A.
    Walkill, NY

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