Saving with Spray Foam

Thursday, March 27th, 2014 by Benjamin Wisher

Get Comfortable With Less Heat!

Spray Foam Application Will Seal Air Leaks And Insulate Your Home

Many look forward to winter; the snow, drinking hot cocoa, and the holidays are all highlights of the season. However; many people experienced these treats in an uncomfortable home.

Freezing temperatures plummeted inside temperatures and hiked up heating costs for homeowners all over the northeastern United States. Homeowners forked over thousands of dollars to heat their homes yet fell short of making their homes comfortable. It is a nasty pattern, spending more money to heat your home while still not achieving a desired home environment. The right idea is to not produce more heat inside your home, but to maintain the most efficient production and retain your heat!

So; How Do I Save Money

Instead of emptying your pockets to purchase more wood, pellets, or oil; invest in making your home energy efficient and air tight! Spray Foam Insulation is a remarkable product. Our company specializes in its application and installation into homes. The product is able to be sprayed on as a liquid and then it reacts by expanding. This expansive property is what makes spray foam insulation so valuable and efficient. The purpose of insulation is to keep your home air tight and maintain the temperature present in the home. The expansion of the spray foam is allows the product to fill every crack and cavity - making the area it is applied to air tight!

Investing in spray foam installation into your home will make all the difference in temperature and in your wallet. Although the process to properly insulate your home with spray foam insulation is an initial investment, it will save you huge chunks on your heating bills for a lifetime! If you are tired of shivering in your own home, choose to invest in spray foam insulation and work with our professional company - Dr. Energy Saver of the Hudson Valley.

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