An Interesting Application for Spray Foam Insulation

Monday, March 31st, 2014 by Benjamin Wisher

See how we handled it!

An Interesting Application for Spray Foam Insulation - Image 1About a week ago, our call center received an interesting lead that involved a man seeking to insulate his work vehicle. He was having issues with keeping the vehicle cool during the summer and warm in the winter.

Baffled to whether or not we covered vehicle insulation, our call center reached out to the sales team and questioned if we were able to complete this task. Sales members Jay Storti and Dave Vasseur were thrilled to learn of this new, interesting task and immediately set up an appointment with the gentleman. 

Mike Schnitzer and Lupio were called to complete this extraordinary job. Mike is our leading spray foam applicator and Lupio is also one of our system installation specialists. They got right to work and quickly prepped the job using blue tape to keep spray foam off unwanted areas. 

An Interesting Application for Spray Foam Insulation - Image 2

Mike applied the spray foam insulation and Lupio did other work to help complete the task during the installation. After all was said and done, the customer was thrilled with the neatness and rigidity of the foam application. 

The customer, a local electrician, already claims to feel a difference in the heating and cooling of his vehicle. Great Job Dr. Energy Saver team!

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