Testimonials for Dr. Energy Saver of Hudson Valley

We could not have been more pleased with the work that Dr. Energy Saver of Hudson Valley, everyone from Mike to the people that installed our installation were just great!
Anna S. of Warwick, NY
Tuesday, November 17th
"The nice part about working with Dave is everything he said came true"
Susan B. of Pine Bush, NY
Tuesday, June 6th
We had three or four different companies come in, and in the end we choose Doctor Energy Saver
Francesco G. of Tappan, NY
Friday, March 3rd
I am very satisfied with the installation experience. The results are long term and have been amazingly noticeable. 
Edward T. of Hancock, NY
Monday, February 11th
Very happy with the installation crews' job. I would be so excited to recommend you to others.
Paul S. of Woodstock, NY
Sunday, May 4th
The installation crew was helpful and courteous. I am over satisfied with the job done for me.
Salvador F. of Jeffersonville, NY
Thursday, June 13th
Everything was done beyond our expectations. Our family and friends were very impressed with the job done for us. All of the team was extremely helpful when we had to deal with the local code enforcement officer. Great workers. 
Peter L. of Livingston Manor, NY
Saturday, May 17th
You were able to do my job as soon as possible! The cleanup was more than expected. I am so happy with my crawlspace. When my garage is finished I will be seeing you again.
Kenneth C. of Port Jervis, NY
Wednesday, February 11th
Dr. Energy Saver of Hudson Valley has made my life easier. They helped me through a tough spot and fire caulked the house after the fact without argument when I was helpless to do anything from 3000 miles away. The house passed inspection and I was thrilled. 
Susan R. of Westbrookville, NY
Tuesday, October 12th
Once I saw a completed job by you I knew you were the company I wanted to work with. I was so pleased I have already refereed you to other contractors. 
James B. of Westbrookville, NY
Tuesday, February 26th
I've hired Dr. Energy Saver of Hudson Valley to do many jobs for me over the past 4 years. One of the very few subcontractors I can rely on. They've always been good with scheduling, their crews seem to be proud of the product and do a good job with little supervision. I cannot say enough good things about about their service. My mother has an old uninsulated house in Queens , the attic was sprayed last year and she has seen a significant difference in heating and cooling costs as well as comfort. Some client friends sprayed the attic of their veterinary hospital two years ago, the attic has leaky forced air ductwork in it. Prior to the foam they could not cool the building in the summer and they were consuming enormous amounts of fuel oil in the winter. I think they cut their heating costs roughly 75% . Likely not typical but illustrates how effective it is. Last winter I had my own attic sprayed with 10" for finished living space, and the rooms are comfortable with no heat other than what migrates up from downstairs. My way of looking at spraying an attic is like wearing a hat in the winter and it helps in the summer as well. What more can I say, I am completely sold on this company. 
Andrew K. of Middletown, NY
Wednesday, November 20th
Through all their difficulties of getting here, they still showed up on time and ready to work. Once they started to spray foam all went well. We will be using you again when the need comes for insulation. 
Raphael D. of Pine Bush, NY
Thursday, February 14th
Office staff was courteous and helpful. I was very impressed with the cleanup.
Herman R. of Montgomery, NY
Thursday, June 27th
Excellent Job! I send compliments to the crew for working in such a tiny crawl space and doing such an amazing job. It came out great and makes my kitchen feel 100X warmer. Looking forward to working with Dr. Energy Saver of Hudson Valley in the future. 
Chris V. of Monroe, NY
Saturday, January 16th
Installation crew was courteous and kind. We had a few disagreements but in the end they did what was best for me and overall I am satisfied with the job.
Paul H. of Walden, NY
Monday, July 29th
I have to say I really appreciate being able to go up in my attic in the winter without a jacket. We are seeing some reduced cost on our air conditioning and our heating. Dr Energy really made my home more efficient and I would feel comfortable referring you guys to anyone looking to reduce their utility costs.
Chris J. of Walden, NY
Friday, January 13th
Very satisfied with crew and company. I am looking for a warm and cheap winter. 
Kevin W. of Fishkill, NY
Friday, July 24th
I had Jeff and his son over on Friday, just want to let you know what an excellent team they were, very professional and cleanup was perfect, like they were never there. I would like for you to refer this message to "higher ups," I am very pleased with the work done.
Frank A. of Walkill, NY
Monday, December 15th
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