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Before and After Pictures from Orange County
Crawlspace Foam Insulation in Newburgh, NY

Crawlspace Foam Insulation in Newburgh, NY

Before After
Crawlspace Foam Insulation in Newburgh, NY Crawlspace Foam Insulation in Newburgh, NY

This uncomfortable homewoner had a cold draft in his crawl space causing his bedroom floor to be cold. Dr. Energy sprayed closed cell foam insulation on the exterior walls and crawl space ceiling keeping the cold drafts out and his heat in.

Dr. Energy Saver of Hudson Valley serving Orange, NY

My extensive research was easy with the site being very easily explained. ...
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Reviews From Orange County
Testimonials From Orange County
Thanks to everyone. God Bless ALL!
Testimonial by Amanda K. from Newburgh, NY

Dr. Energy Saver of Hudson Valley is an authorized franchisee of the nationally renowned Dr. Energy Saver network of the best energy-conservation contractors across the country. We are not just a contractor company, we specialize in helping you understand your home's current energy efficiency, suggest repairs, and we also do the work! You'll receive the maximum energy and cost-saving results with least amount of hassle.

Orange, NY Home Energy Savings Expert

We specialize in a variety of services aimed to lessen your home's carbon footprint and save energy and money each month! We offer it all, from air sealing to insulation and HVAC services in Orange, NY.

At Dr. Energy Saver, we not only test and investigate your home's energy usage, but we will discuss and prioritize the proper repairs. You'll know which ones will save you the most energy and why. This will also help direct you in making the best decision for you and your family.

  • Spray Foam Insulation
  • Attic Insulation
  • Crawl Space Insulation
  • Basement Insulation
  • Sealing Air Leaks
  • Radiant Barrier Installation
  • HVAC Systems
  • Ice Dam Solutions
  • Home Energy Audits

For a FREE, no-obligation services estimate in Orange, NY, you'll also receive a free copy of "Saving Energy and Money at Home," a great book to use as you begin to create a more comfortable, healthy, and energy efficient home!

Case Studies From Orange County
Our call center received an interesting call regarding an electrician who wanted to insulate his work vehicle. Insulating vehicles is not part of the...
Job Stories From Orange County, NY
Installing SilverGlo - Port Jervis, NY

You know those silver liners that you put in your car to keep it from getting too hot during the summer, well that exactly what SilverGlo is. SilverGlo is perfect for any attic that needs to be transformed from a hot and uncomfortable space to a cool one.

In this instance this homeowner contacted us to see how we could help remove the heat from their attic and make their home more comfortable. After providing them with their assessment we were able to figure out the best plan of attack for them, which was to install SilverGlo in their attic. By doing this we were able to reduce the amount of heat that soaked through their attic and that was transferred into their home. 

Since installing this system they have been nothing but thrilled about how comfortable their home has been. 

Mitigating Radon - Walden, NY

Even though most of the jobs we perform are related to insulation, we as well also offer radon mitigation systems to help alleviate the high levels of noble gas produced from the earth.

This homeowner did not know anything about radon, but knew there was something that was making them uneasy about living in their home. From this they started doing research on what it could be and they came to the conclusion that it was radon based on all the information they had gathered. From this they started to research companies that could help them, thats were Dr. Energy Saver of Hudson Valley came in to help them out. 

Originally before conducting their consultation we sent them a free radon test kit and explained to them how and where to set it up, they then mailed it off to get the results of the test. Once they had recieved them back we were able to perform our consult. From what our specialist could see and the report that they had we knew that we needed to implement a system to reduce the levels in their home to a safe level.

Because of the levels in their home we ended up installing a radon mitigation system. Since we installed this system they have felt better, as well they have performed another test that we provided them with and once they had the results back they were able to truly quantify a diffrence in the levels. Ultimately they were extremely happy with the end result. 

Gutted Apartment Needing Insulation - Goshen, NY

Even apartments needs so tlc every now and then. This property manager contacted Dr. Energy Saver of Hudson Valley to have us insulate an apartment that had been stripped down to the studs to prepare for a new tennant. He contacted us to perform the work based on the past several apartments that we had insulated for them, which have always been super comfortable because of the work we have performed. 

Insulating a Crawl Space - Campbell Hall, NY

Crawl spaces just like attics are one of the few places in a home where you lose the most energy due to the stack effect taking place. In order to fix this problem you must insulate it and make it as tight and impenetrable as possible. In order to help this homeowners home we had to install both spray foam insulation, as well basement to beautiful to give it that added insulation and to look pretty. Once we completed this job the home became so much more comfortable, but more importantly they saw a dramatic decrease in their utility bills. 

Upgrading A Home's Comfort Level - New Windsor, NY

This homeowner contacted us to have us install spray foam insulation both in his roof, as well their new second story additon. By doing this we were able to seal their thermal envelope and make their entire home comfortable for years to come. Here you can see how comfortable their new roof and addition look with the additon of spray foam insulation. 

Upgrading A Home's Comfort Level - New Windsor, NY - Photo 1Upgrading A Home's Comfort Level - New Windsor, NY - Photo 2
Installing Three Different Types of Insulation Systems - Warwick, NY

In this home in order to bring comfort to it we installed TerraBlock flexible insulation and SilverGlo and spray foam in their rim joists. After these systems were installed the client has noticed a tremendous diffrence in how comfortable their home is, but more importantly how much more they can do in their homes because they do not have to forget to use the areas that were originally affected. 

Creating a Dry Environment - Tuxedo Park, NY

This home had a problem with humidity and moisture from getting into their home. Before we could install spray foam insulation into their home we needed to install our condensation pump with our BasementAire Dehumidification System. By doing this we were able to make the home more comfortable even before we install insulation and after insulation being applied it was like night and day to the homeowner.

Spraying a New Home

This owner wanted to seal the envelope of their entire home from top to bottom to make sure that they were comfortable year round, as well to make sure that they were not over paying on utilities. In order to make this home comfortable we applied R-38 and R-22 spray foam strategically throughouth the home, roof and joists. Along with applying spray foam we installed our thermal barrier to cover it. By applying these products we were able to make this home comfortable from top to bottom. 

Installing Fiberglass & SilverGlo - Chester, NY

This home basement was in need of insulation in order to help seal the envelope of their home as tight has possible. In order to to do this we installed fiberglass in the basement ceiling and SilverGlo in the rim joists. By doing this we were able to seal their thermal envelope and make their home comfortable and efficent.

Installing Spray Foam & Dehumidification - Circleville, NY

To make this home comfortable and not drafty during the year we installed a myrid of different R-values of spray foam thorughout the home due to the specifics of each area. The specific levels of R-Value spray foam that we applied to this home were R-30, R-14, R-13 and R-38. As well we removed and replaced all the sheet rock that was covering the old insulation that was removed in order to make their home look as when we first walked in. Finally we installed our SaniDry XP dehumidifier to keep their home comfortable year round by reducing their levels of humidity. Coupling these different systems together has dramatically decreased the heat and cold in their home throught the difference seasons, as well they have noticed a dramatic decrease in uncomfortablity due to the reduction in humidity. 

Transforming an Attic for Comfort - Cornwall, NY

This homeowner was experiencing drafts throughout her home and could not figure out why she was having them. She contacted Dr. Energy Saver of Hudson Valley to come out and evaluate her home. In doing so we found out the reason she was having this issue was due in part to her lack of insulation in her attic. In order to fix this we removed the little bit of isulation that was already in her attic, which was extremely old and replaced it with spray foam insulation. Since doing this she loves being able to feel the dramtic diffrence that we created in comfort for her. 

Transforming an Attic for Comfort - Cornwall, NY - Photo 1Transforming an Attic for Comfort - Cornwall, NY - Photo 2Transforming an Attic for Comfort - Cornwall, NY - Photo 3Transforming an Attic for Comfort - Cornwall, NY - Photo 4Transforming an Attic for Comfort - Cornwall, NY - Photo 5Transforming an Attic for Comfort - Cornwall, NY - Photo 6
Making A Home Comfortable For All Seasons - Cornwall On Hudson, NY

This homeowner was having issues with the comfort levels in his home throughout the year. No matter what season it was he felt uncomfortable. In order to change the comfort level of this home we installed R-38 & R-20 spray foam throughout the home. By doing this we were able to ensure that the home was adequetly sealed from the inside out. 

Cleaning Out Old Insulation & Installing Spray Foam With a Waterproofing System

This homeowner wanted to see what could be done to help make their home more comfortable as their crawl space a lot of the insulation is falling down. Because of this their floors were constantly cold throughout the year. In order for us to make sure that the issues they had at hand were taken care of we installed spray foam into the walls and floor joists. As well we installed one of our patented waterproofing systems toe alleviate the water problem that they were having in order to keep their home comfortable and their insulation as perfect as possible. 

Finishing a Basement - Harriman, NY

This homeowner was in the process of redoing their entire basement and making it brand new. Once they had taken all the old materials out of their basement and reframed it they contacted us to install spray foam back into their walls to make sure that it stayed toasty warm. We installed our spray foam quickly and precisely so that they could keep on track with their time table of finishing the job at hand. Since we installed our spray foam and they finsihed up their basement they have been using it more often than any other area in the home. 

Transforming a Home's Comfort Level - Highland Falls, NY

This homeowner constantly felt as though their system was working too hard to keep up during the different seasons and wanted to see what we could do to help. Our specialist looked over their house to see what the problem could be. During his consultation he came to find that the home was definelty struggling to maintain proper levels due to the fact that their were many holes in their attic that were allowing heat in and allowing for cold air to escape. In order to fix this problem for this homeowner we installed our blow in cellulose, as well a radiant barrier. By adding these two things to their attic they immediatly noticed a diffrence in their comfort level. 

Helping Remediate Icicles During The Winter - Highland Mills, NY

Every winter for the last several years this homeowner would consistently have icicles that would form on their gutters and they could not figure out why. Dr. Energy Saver of Hudson Valley was called to help them solve their dilemma. After assessing their home we realized that the reason why this kept occuring was because they did not have adequet insulation in their roof and due to this they have water constantly thaw then refreeze. In order to fix this for them we applied the appropriate level of insulation, as well we applied our Ice damming solution to their gutters to make sure that they would never have this problem again. 

Making a Man Cave Comfortable - Huguenot, NY

We make all structures, regardless of how obsured they are comfortable. This homeowner wanted to make their shed that they had turned into their man cave comfortable for them to work out of, as well entertain guests in. In order to to this we had to spray foam into the walls of the shed and then apply our basement to beautiful pannels to give it the finsihed loo that they were looking for. After adding these two things they were able to have an area that was finished properly that they could entertain their friends in.

Making A Sun Room Comfortable - Johnson, NY

This homeowner was refered to us by his neighbor. More specifically he was so  impressed with the work that we had done for him that he was more than thrilled to help his friend out. This home had a sunroom that no insulation in it whatsoever and in order to keep it warm he was using an electric heater. Dr. Energy Saver of Hudson Valley came in and transformed his sun room from the cold and dry room into one that is usable and comfortable year round. 

Installing A Radon System - Maybrook, Ny

This home was being purchased by a new couple and they wanted us to come out and test the home for radon before they closed on it. We went out to test the home. After our testing and receiving the results back we knew that they had a very high level of radon in their home. Before they moved in we installed our premium radon system, which would and did reduce their levels of radon from where they were to even below safe levels. 

Tightening The Thermal Envelope of A Home - New Hampton, NY

This homeowner contacted us to see how we could improve the envelope of their home so they could reduce the overall cost of their utility bills. In order to do this we gave them the option of installing either fiberglass or open cell spray foam. They opted to go with the fiberglass blow in insulation as they felt more comfortable with it being installed. Since they installed we installed the fiberglass insulation they have noticed nothing but a dramtic decrease in their bills. 



Putting Blow In Insulation In a Home - Oatisville, NY

This homeowner had an issue with their home being to hot and stuffy throughout the year. It could be 20 degrees out and he felt as though it was the most stuffiest place to be. In order to fix this we installed blow in insulation in his home in order to reduce this feeling. We as well installed one of our SaniDri dehumidifiers as well to reduce the level of humdiity they were having. Since we had installed these systems they have notice a change in the how stuffy their home feels and they are more inclined to stay home then go out. 

Making Sure That Voids Were All Filled - Pine Island, Ny

Our previous client called us to take a look at his home as he felt as though the work that we had performed was starting to fail. Our specialist went out to take a look at the areas that they thought were starting to fail with our FLIR infored camera. After using our FLIR camera we were able to see that they were correct. Because they had brought this to our attention we were able to service them in a very quick and precise manner. Our Specialist open up a small portion of their wall and implemented more of our insulation. We then rescanned the wall with our FLIR camera and we were able to see that the problem had been resolved. They were so greatful of how quick an prompt that we took care of the issue at hand for them. 

Fixing A Radon System - Rock Tavern, NY

This homeowner had installed our radon system several years ago and it had been performing excellent up until a few weeks ago. The fan in their system decided to just die on them. Because of this they contacted us to see what could be done to take care of the issue at hand. Because of when it was installed we were able to pull the fan out and replace it at no additional cost to the homeowner. They were so greatful that we were able to help them solve the problem at hand. 

Converting a Van - Salisbury Mills, NY

This homeowner was converting their van that had been in their family for many years from a functional vehicle into a sleeper for them to tour the country in. In order to do this we had to install spray foam insulation behind the liner of the vehicle. After we had completed the project for them they were nothing but thrilled that they would be able to take it out on the road. 

Insulating An Apartment That Was Being Gutted - Slate Hill, NY

Haven Property Solutions contacted Dr. Energy Saver of Hudson Valley to have us install spray foam insulation in an apartment that they were gutting and getting read for new tennants. They ended up contacting us to perfrom the work becasue of the work we had perfromed in the past for them on previous jobs. After walking through the apartment with them after we had laid our spray foam they were as always very impressed with the work that we had performed. 



Insulating The Attic of Two Homes - Southfields, NY

This property owner had two homes on their property, which were thought to be about 100 years old and needed insulation installed in both of them due to the nature of their age, as well the fact that they did not have any in them to begin with. Our specialist assessed their homes before providing them with their quote. After the quote had been provided they deided to proceed with the work. After they insulated both buildings those that were living there have noticed a diffrence and they are glad that they did this. 


Installing SilverGlo - Sparrow Bush, NY

This homeowner was in desperate need of a radient barrier to help with the unevenness of tempuratures in their home. In order to take care of this we installed our patented SilverGlo radient barrier to keep their home comfortable. Since installing our SilverGlo system they have been so much happier that they are able to regain peace of mind about being in their home. 

Helping a Home With Out Of Control Radon Levels - Thompson Ridge, NY

These homeowners had been living in their home for many years and knew that they had an issue with radon, but they did not know just how bad it was until we came and tested their home. In order to reduce the levels to a safe level we installed our radon mitigation system to take care of the elephant in the room, but as well we installed our SaniDry Dehumidiifer to help not only with humidity, but to purify their air as well. Since installing both and having us retest their home several months after we installed their systems they have seen a dramatic decrease in their levels thanks to the help of our systems. 

Remediating Mold - Tuxedo Park, NY

This home had a major mold issue, more specifically it was eating away at their floor joists. In order to take care of the situation at hand we had to spray our MoldX product on the floor joists to help remediate the mold. In doing so we were able to stop it and save their floor joists from having to be pulled out and have us install new ones. 

Kick Themselves For Not Doing Sooner - Washingtonville, NY

These homeoweners wanted to increase the comfort level of their home and decrease their overall bills, but they were not certain on how to do so. They eneded up contacting Dr. Energy Saver of Hudson Valley to come out and perform an energy audit. From the results of our audit we were able to pinpoint that the issues they were having were related to their attic. In order to make this home more comfortable we installed in their attic a radient barrier along with fiberglass insulation. Since installing these two items in their attic they have noticed a considerable difference in both their comfort and bills. Since we finished the project they were saying to themselves why didn't we do this sooner. 

Helping a Military Family Out - West Point, NY

Dr. Energy Saver of Hudson Valley was contacted by these homeowners to help with the coldness and lack of heat they were having in their home throughout the diffrent seasons. Upon on specialist arriving we were able to determine they were military and that made us all the more want to perform the work. Our specialist performed his energy audit and determined that they were loosing energy due to their crawl space. Once we determined this we proposed and installed our SilverGlo system along with spray foam in their floor joists to keep warmth in throughout the entire home. 

Making a Living Room More Comfortable - Westtown, NY

These homeowners had just completed rennovating their kitchen and dinning room and in the process they had insulated these rooms, but they were still in the process of finishing their living room. At the time of our specialist looking at their home their living room was only framed out and no where near finished. Due to this and to give them the most comfortable and effiecent room we applied spray foam to their walls and then closed them. Since we did this they have been able to have a comfortable living room where they can entertain friends and family.


Work Requests From Orange County, NY
Project Location: Orange, NY
Drafty older home wanna keep the warm inside!! May be hearing system insulation or thermostats, as heat is unevenly distributed
Project Location: Orange, NY
Too much air leak.... attics is the main concern
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