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Dr. Energy Saver of Hudson Valley serving Rockland, NY

Happy Customers Surrounding Rockland County, NY
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Dr. Energy Saver of Hudson Valley is an authorized franchisee of the nationally renowned Dr. Energy Saver network of the best energy-conservation contractors across the country. We are not just a contractor company, we specialize in helping you understand your home's current energy efficiency, suggest repairs, and we also do the work! You'll receive the maximum energy and cost-saving results with least amount of hassle.

Rockland, NY Home Energy Savings Expert

We specialize in a variety of services aimed to lessen your home's carbon footprint and save energy and money each month! We offer it all, from air sealing to insulation and HVAC services in Rockland, NY.

At Dr. Energy Saver, we not only test and investigate your home's energy usage, but we will discuss and prioritize the proper repairs. You'll know which ones will save you the most energy and why. This will also help direct you in making the best decision for you and your family.

  • Spray Foam Insulation
  • Attic Insulation
  • Crawl Space Insulation
  • Basement Insulation
  • Sealing Air Leaks
  • Radiant Barrier Installation
  • HVAC Systems
  • Ice Dam Solutions
  • Home Energy Audits

For a FREE, no-obligation services estimate in Rockland, NY, you'll also receive a free copy of "Saving Energy and Money at Home," a great book to use as you begin to create a more comfortable, healthy, and energy efficient home!

Job Stories From Rockland County, NY
Spraying Cellulose To Make a Home More Comfortable - Nyack, NY

This homeowner had noticed for quite some time that he was having an issue with his home being either too cold or hot throughout the year. Because of this he was more than inclined to contact Dr. Energy Saver of Hudson Valley to help him figure out what was going on. 

After our specialist had performed his assessement he was able to convey to the homeowner that the reason he was losing so much heat and cooling was due to his attic being not properly insulated. In this case we ended up installing blown cellulose in the attic to make sure that the home was secure.

Several months after having us install blown cellulose he has noticed nothing but major changes in terms of how comfortable his home was now, as well how much of a different he saw in his bills. 

Insulating a New Build Roof - Spring Valley, NY

Dr. Energy Saver of Hudson Valley works with both homeowners and builders to make sure that they can make their structrues as comfortable as possible. In this instance we were contacted by one of the contractors that we work with on a regular basis. He needed to have a homes' vaulted ceiling insulated and he was on a tight schedule to get it done. We ended up performing the work for them as our past track record of getting projects done ahead of schedule was impeccable. Because of this and our quality service they continue to chose us over everyone else.

Caulking Windows in A Home - New City, NY

This homeowner had a small problem with his home being drafty. Our specialist came out an performed his analysis and from what he could see the only thing that they needed to do was add some caulk to their windows. The reason they only needed to do this was because the seal on their windows had failed. Because of our honesty they were extremely happy and have reccomeended us to several other friends and family memebers. 

Insulating Bear Mountain Inn - Bear Mountain, NY

Both Dr. Energy Saver and Fomaco took on the task of insulating the Bear Moutain Inn from top to bottom on both the inside and outside. They were in the process of rennovating the entire inn and realized when they started gutting it that they did not have any insulation in any of their walls. They could not have this and have their guests be uncomfortable. Due to this they contacted us to get the job done in a very tight timeline. Because of the experience of our crews we were able to finish the job several days in advance of their timeline. Since we completed the work they have heard nothing but words of praise from their guests about how beautiful and comfortable everything is. 

Helping a Home Reduce Its Over Heating - Blautvelt, NY

During the energy audit of this homeowners home we found that they were having a issue with taking in heat and making their home overheat. In order to remedy this we installed insulation in their home as well a dehumidification system to reduce the heat index as well to keep the humidity as low as possible. After installing these systems the noticed a signficant diffrence in their heat levels. 

Insulating Crawl Space Floor Joists - Congers, Ny

This homeowner noticed that she was having a cold floors throughout her home and wanted to take care of this because she knew that it could lead to a bigger issue in energy efficency. In order to fix this we installed spary foam in the floor joists of her crawl space. Since we have performed this work for her she has seen her floors return back to normal and continually keep temperature properly. 

Reducing Radon - Garnerville, NY

This home sat directly on creek that had a water contamination problem and because of this their levels of radon were extremely high. Because of the issue they were having their friends recommended us to them to solve their problem. In order to take care of the issue that they were having in their home we had to installed two radon systems, specifically because of the squre footage of their home. Since installing these systems they have noticed a signfiicant reduction in their radon levels. 

Dehumidifiying a Home - Haverstraw, Ny

These homeowners thought that their home felt so hot due to the lack of insulation in it, but after our specialist evaluated it we realized that they were having this issue was because of the humidity levels they were experiencing in their home. Once we realized this we proposed and installed one of our premium dehumidification systems. Since installing this system they have noticed that their home is like night and day now. 

Insulating A Shed - Hillburn, Ny

This homeowner was building a new shed to store their tools, generator and lawn equipment and wanted to make sure that they would all function properly when he went to use them. Because of this he wanted to insulate the structure as tight as possbile to insure in the cold and warm months his equipment would start and function properly. We sprayed all the walls and roof with spray foam insualation to make sure that not cranny was missed. Since doing this he has had no issue with starting anything. 

Spraying A Roof For Comfort - Nanuet, Ny

This homeowner was having his roof redone due to it failing after many years of protection. Throughout those years the owner noticed that they were loosing energy and could not figure out why. The reason this was occuring was due to the old insulation in their roof and it being damanged from all the elements. Because of this he decided to have us spray insulation in the roof to make sure that this did not happen again, as well to make sure the home was sealed properly so they would not lose energy. Since both our project an the roofing project was completed they have noticed that their thermal enevelope is now sealed extremely tight and they can reap the benefits of lower bills. 

Encapsulating a Crawl Space - Orangeburg, NY

This homeowner had just finished their basement and crawlspace with a new cement floor and was looking to clean it. As well he had some insulation hanging down. Because of these factors we proposed and applied CleanSpace along the cement floor to make it nice and clean, as well to protect the home from the earth, as well we removed the old insulation and installed spray foam strategically throughout the areas that needed.

Servicing a Home - Palisades, NY

These homeowners had installed a multi-tier system of ours many years ago and they noticed that their home was not as comfortable as it usualy was. Because of this they contacted us to have us come out and evaluate what was going on. Upon our evaluation we noticed that they had a small tear in their CleanSpace as well that their dehumidification system needed to calibrated. Once we realized these two things we replaced their CleanSpace and calibrated their system back to the proper levels. Since doing this they have been able to return to their normal routines. 

Finishing A Basement - Piermont, NY

This homeowner was in the process of finishing their basement and needed it insulated. He ultimatley decided to call us due to the recommendation of his friend and the great job that we had performed for him. We came in an assessed what needed to be done, specifically we needed to insulate it and seal it with pannels. We ended up instaling spray foam insulation underneath our basement to beautiful pannels. These two products together gave him what he required in terms of insulation and finishing his basement. He could not be any happier with the work that we performed for him. 

Insulating a Play Area - Pomona

In this home the owner was more concerned than anything about insulating their basement as their children constantly would be down there playing with their toys and they did not want anything to happen to them. Because of this they decided to insulate their entire basement. We started with the play area to make sure that the area that was a priority was taken care of first. We then insulated the remainder of their basement. Because of us doing this work we able to remove worry from their mind, as well we were able to make their home more comfortable. 

Insulating A Crawl Space - Sloatsburg, NY

This homeowner had a crawl space that 462 sq ft that became wet due to not being properly waterproofed, due to this the insulation became damanged and was removed. Because of this we ended up waterpoofing their crawl space and applying spray foam insulation into it to make sure that the tempture was regulated properly, as well that they did not have this issue again. Since doing so they have not had any water penetration. 

Insulating & Waterproofing A Home - Sparkill, NY

This home needed more than just insulation to make sure that it was running in tip top condition. It needed both insulation and waterproofing to correct the issues at hand. Because of this Dr. Energy Saver of Hudson Valley was contacted. We ended up insulating the entire basement, as well the floor joists to help the entire home return to levels of normalcy. As well they had a water issue that was coming in from the outside and because of this we instaleld our patented DryTrak system. Since doing this they have had nothing but normal levels of comfort. 

Performing A Blower Door Test - Thiells, NY

This homeowner was looking for where they were loosing energy in their home, but they could not figure out where they were loosing it from. They contacted Dr. Energy Saver of Hudson Valley to perform a blower door test to figure out where they were loosing energy. They used the information that we provided them to do a quick fix to where they were loosing energy. Even though we only provided them with the test they were extremely greatful with the information that we were able to provide them with. 

NYSERDA - Tompkins Cove, NY

These homeowners knew they needed to have their home insulated to make it more comfortable and to reduce their bills, but what they did not know was that it was going to be more than they thought to do everything proper. Because of this they took adavantge of NYSERDA or New York's Energy Research and Develompent Authority low interest rate loan to cover the remainder of their project. Because they were able to do this they were able to close their thermal envelope and make their home and comfortable as possible, even though they had to have the work done the amount that they saw in savings more than paid for the work performed in only a short period of time. 

Installing Insulation & A Dual System - Valley Cottage, NY

These homeowners awoke the next morning to find that their entire basement and mother in laws apartment had flooded, which as well ruined all their insulation. We were called in to help reinsulate the basement, as well protect it from this ever happening again. Because of these factors we installed our spray foam on the basement walls along with our dual system to alleviate the water issues that caused this to happen. Since doing this they have been drier then a bone. 

Installing Blow In Cellulose In An Attic - West Haverstraw, NY

These homeowners wanted to make their home more comfortable and in order to do that we needed insulate their attic with traditional means. In order to make their home comfortable we placed cellulose strategically throughout their attic to make sure that their HVAC systems and pipes were properly insulated to keep them warm during the cold months and and cold during the hot ones. Since doing this they have been so much more comfortable and are so glad that we were able to help them resolve the issue at hand. 

Making a Home More Efficient - West Nyack, NY

This home was having problems with being efficient. In order to change that they needed a broad scope of work to be done to make sure that they were not missing out on the potential their home had to be as comfortable as possbile. Because of this we ended up installing SilverGlo, and spray foam insulation both in their attic and basement. These were the two trouble areas of their home and by sealing them we were able to greatly reduce their enery usage, as well their utility bills. They have been nothing but astounded at how much of a diffrence a little work can do. 

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