Spray Foam Insulation - Insulating Exterior Walls and Dormers of a Cape with Injection Foam

Dr. Energy Saver performs an energy upgrade in an old cape, which was remodeled many times over the years. Due to that fact some exterior walls have fiberglass insulation, and some have no insulation at all. 
For this job, our energy conservation experts chose to use injection foam. Injection foam insulation can be applied to empty wall cavities and walls already insulated with fiberglass, to increase R-Value, close gaps in the structure and completely air seal the walls. 
The next step was to insulate and air seal a bay window and the dormers, which are typically a huge source of leaks and heat loss .
Injection foam is applied from the outside, with no disruption or mess inside the home. Wall, window and roof cavities are accessed by removing siding or shingles. Holes are drilled and after the foam is injected, the holes are plugged, and the shingles and siding are replaced.

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