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Dr. Energy Saver of Hudson Valley is the number one source for all your home comfort and energy efficiency needs. As part of the largest energy services contractor network in the country, Dr. Energy Saver, we are able to provide superior energy solutions that we custom design to address the unique problems in your home.

Our slogan is "We Fix Uncomfortable Homes"! We accomplish this by using our custom energy solutions to improve your home's overall comfort while helping to reduce your monthly energy bills, improve the air quality, and even increase the value of your home. If you are dealing with any home comfort issues, contact us today for a FREE home energy consultation! We serve Middletown, Cornwall, Pine Bush, and surrounding towns in the Hudson Valley area.

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For years, our team has helped local homeowners transform their energy consuming homes into more comfortable and energy efficient living spaces. Not only have we provided exceptional service, but immediate results. Homeowners notice an instant change in how comfortable their home is and are pleased with the work we have done.

From spray foam insulation and air sealing, to attic and basement insulation, we have provided homeowners quality service that has made a lasting impact on their home. We take pride in helping homeowners improve their home's energy efficiency and overall comfort all throughout Hudson Valley, New York.

Completed Home Energy Projects in Hudson Valley

Cold and drafty walls Before
Cold and drafty walls After

Cold and drafty walls

This home had no insulation in its walls and it was losing heat due to not having any insulation that provided R-value. Due to this The homeowner was complaining about high heating bills. Our Dr. Energy Saver team helped them fix this problem with closed cell spray foam which insulated the walls and made them air tight. This simple process can be done on most walls.

Encapsulating A Crawl Space With CleanSpace & Hand Fitted Insulation Before
Encapsulating A Crawl Space With CleanSpace & Hand Fitted Insulation After

Encapsulating A Crawl Space With CleanSpace & Hand Fitted Insulation

These homeowners had been living with their current situation for several years and finally decided to take care of the issues at hand. Before contacting Dr. Energy Saver of Hudson Valley they did their research on multiple companies including ours, but what really put us over the edge with them was that a friend recommended us to them due to previous work that we had done for them and a friend of a friend. 


Immediately when our Specialist entered their crawl space he knew that they were going to need a lot of work done to improve the thermal envelope of the space as their crawl space was not encapsulated and they had almost non-existent insulation.


In order for us to remedy the problems at hand and to make their home more comfortable we encapsulated the entirety of their crawl space and crawl space walls with CleanSpace. We then hand-cut, calked, and installed insulation throughout all the floor joists, finally we installed a Basementaire Dehumidification system to take care of the humidity. 


Looking at it after the project was completed you would not think that they were the same crawl space, they even said "it's so nice down there now we could have a sleepover down there". Since doing this the homeowner has been so happy to know that their home is comfortable again and that they have a functional space.



Removing Fiber Glass Insulation & Installing Spray Foam Insulation To Regain Comfort - Sloatsburg, NY Before
Removing Fiber Glass Insulation & Installing Spray Foam Insulation To Regain Comfort - Sloatsburg, NY After

Removing Fiber Glass Insulation & Installing Spray Foam Insulation To Regain Comfort - Sloatsburg, NY

This home felt super drafty in one of their rooms and after further inspection the homeowners realized that due to the type of insulation that was installed originally, which was fiber glass insulation that it was starting to degrade. Because of this they were loosing the level of comfort that they used to enjoy. Dr. Energy Saver of Hudson Valley was contacted to help bring this comfort level back into their lives. In order to do this we had to remove the old fiber glass insulation from the walls and then apply spray foam insulation. By doing this we were able to seal the thermal envelope of their home back to where it use to be. Since doing this they have been able to regain peace of mind and not have to sweat about comfort. 

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What separates us from the rest? We focus on what matters most. We find the largest home energy weaknesses and address those first for the greatest benefits. Our comprehensive home energy evaluations allow us to diagnose and pin-point the areas of your home that need the most attention, and we can correct them. Having a wide range of services allows us to make any improvements we believe offer the best benefit based on your home's situation.

As an authorized Dr. Energy Saver dealer, our team undergoes extensive training to better understand all home energy issues, and how to cure them. At Dr. Energy Saver of Hudson Valley, we take great pride in our products and services, and we make sure the job is done right the first time. Contact us today for a FREE estimate! We serve homes in Middletown, Cornwall, Pine Bush and the surrounding areas. We fix uncomfortable homes!

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